Yugoimport–SDPR is a state-owned company with a decades-long tradition in the trade of armaments, defense equipment and technology transfer, providing G to G concept to its partners all over the world. In its more than seventy-year-long existence, Yugoimport–SDPR has proven to be a reliable partner offering a long-lasting after-sales support to its buyers, including training in operation and maintenance, supply of spare parts, upgrade programs etc. Known globally as an arms dealer, Yugoimport–SDPR has innovated its business policy with an ambition to position itself in the future as a manufacturer of complex weapon systems and defense equipment. Missions: • Serbian defense industry integrator on the global market of armaments and defense equipment, • Developing and organizing the production of complex combat systems, • Supplying the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia with in-house or imported complex combat systems and other materiel.

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