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Thermoteknix is a global leader in the design, manufacturer and advancement of thermal imaging, night vision, fusion devices and target acquisition systems.Thermoteknix delivers specialist and customised mission-critical technology to defence, security and policing forces around the world. Our company has won multiple Queen’s Awards for Innovation as the company continues to break new ground in the development of surveillance, target location and situational awareness enhancing technology.  In 2021, Thermoteknix launched Augmented Reality Tactical Interface Module (ARTIM), helping drive forward ‘future soldier’ programmes across the industry. ARTIM is a unique solution which enhances soldier or user situational awareness at night by using data provided by Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) to generate real-time AR capability displayed by Thermoteknix head-up display (HUD) fusion devices. Thermoteknix is privately owned and operated, successfully delivering world-leading innovations in imaging solutions for 40 years with local partners across Asia and the world.  Visit for more information.

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