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United States

N-Vision Optics is a United States based manufacturer of night vision and thermal imaging products and accessories serving military, government agency, and commercial customers worldwide. N-Vision Optics employs a team of talented industry professionals specializing in electro-optical design, engineering, export compliance, and tactical implementation. Building on 18 years of industry experience, N-Vision Optics continues to grow and develop industry leading night vision and thermal imaging equipment to serve their customer's needs around the globe.

Product Category: OPTICS & OPTRONICS (EQUIPMENT & FITTINGS, IMAGE PROCESSING, SIGHTING EQUIPMENT), Electro-Optics, Night Vision Systems & Equipment


Republic of Korea

Poongsan Corporation is a world-famous ammunition manufacturer that produces a wide variety of ammunition from small to large caliber ammunition. Poongsan's munitions are highly competitive in terms of product quality, price and delivery, thanks to the company's fully integrated production system. Poongsan's defense products 1) military ammunition - small arms, antiaircraft guns, mid-to large-size arms including 5.56mm, 7.62mm ammunition to 8-inch projectiles for howitzers 2) sporting ammunition 3) propellant powder 4) ammunition parts 5) precision forging products 6) fuses and sensors.

Product Category: ELECTRONICS, SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT, Sensors, WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Ammunition, Explosive, Propellants, Pyrotechnics, Anti-Tank Ammunition, Detonators, Fuses, Arming & Safety Devices



Established in 1947 in India, we are headquartered in Mumbai with an ultra modern factory located in Sarigam in the state of Gujarat. Our company is a major producer of cold rolled strips in a wide range of copper and brass. We are one of the leading producer of brass cups – case cups and bullet jacket cups in various calibers- 9 mm, 10 mm, 0.223, 5.56 mm, 0.338, 44 mag, 7.62 mm, 12.7 mm (0.50 cal), 20 mm and other calibers as per the requirements of customers which are supplied to small arm ammunition companies world wide. We are an ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and ITAF 16949 certified company.

Product Category: WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Ammunition, Explosive, Propellants, Pyrotechnics



SCYTALYS is a world class software developer and systems integrator for Tactical Data Links and Mission Systems, supporting the demanding multi-domain operations of contemporary Armed Forces. With almost 30 years in supplying complete Interoperability and Command and Control systems, SCYTALYS has a successful track record in more than 15 countries around the world.
SCYTALYS continuously develops innovative solutions for facilitating the real-time tactical information exchange and systems' interoperability in the battlefield. Its main product portfolio consists of the following solutions:

Data Links & Interoperability Solutions
 - Multi Tactical Data Link Processor Engine/Gateway - ULS
 - Advanced Tactical Data Link Planning System - ALPS

Mission & Tactical C2 Systems
 - Mission System supporting MS, ASuW and ASW missions for Maritime Patrol Aircrafts - MIMS Airborne
 - Mission System for Special Operation Crafts (SOC), Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) - MIMS Naval
 - Battlefield Situational Awareness System designed to meet the needs of dismounted soldiers and Special Operations Forces - MIMS Ranger
 - Tactical C2 System suitable for HQ deployments of Naval, Airborne and Land forces - MIMS C2

Product Category: AIRBORNE PLATFORMS, AIRBORNE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM & EQUIPMENT, Airborne Systems, Reconnaissance & Search Aircraft, COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Data Links, Tactical Communication System, Applications and Software, Network Centric System / C4ISR, Combat Management System



The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) is a governmental investment and trade promotion agency of the Slovak Republic. The agency was established in 2001 and it operates under the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. SARIO aims to attract investment to the Slovak Republic and support export activities of Slovak companies on the global market.

Product Category: OTHERS, National Organisations, Trade Associations



GICAN, the French Marine Industry Association, represents the country's entire maritime, naval and aeronaval industry, from naval defense and maritime safety & security to commercial shipbuilding & repair and ocean exploration & valuation. The association's members cover every aspect of the French naval and maritime industry, from prime contractors, system integrators and equipment manufacturers to smaller specialists companies. It also gathers engineering companies, naval architects and aeronaval industries. GICAN's members build and maintain vessels of all types and displacements for navies, cruise operators, shipping lines and other more specialized operators. The French naval and maritime industry is renowned for its world-class technologies and resources. From combat and supply ships, ocean liners and submarines, ferries and service ships to Marine Renewable Energies and autonomous maritime systems, this industry designs high added value vessels and services and exports 80% of its civil production and 45% of its defense production.

Product Category: AIRBORNE PLATFORMS, AIRBORNE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM & EQUIPMENT, Flight Navigation Equipment, COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Radio Equipment, Secured Communication Systems, Secured Electronic Systems, SPECIAL EQUIPMENT & MISCELLANEOUS, Diving Systems & Equipment, LAND BASED PLATFORMS, Armored Vehicles, Light Vehicles, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Tank, OPTICS & OPTRONICS (EQUIPMENT & FITTINGS, IMAGE PROCESSING, SIGHTING EQUIPMENT), Batteries, PROPULSION SYSTEM, Ship Propulsion Engineering, Submarines/ Submersible Propulsion, Torpedo Propulsion System, SEA-BASED PLATFORMS, SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT, Amphibious Warfare Ship/ Landing Crafts, Coastguard/ Customs/ Police Vessel & Craft, Launch/ Small Craft, Marine Gearboxes, Mission Support Ship/ Auxiliary Ships, Ships/ Vessels, Boats, Submarines/ Submersibles, Warship, Frigates, Surface Combatant Craft, Sea-based Platform, Submarine Periscope, WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Guided Weapons, Missiles, OTHERS, Exhibitions, Trade Associations



Armox® and Ramor® steels, produced by SSAB, are widely used for the protection of people and valuables in all kinds of environments all over the world. They can withstand extreme forces from piercing objects hitting the steel at high speed, as well as having the toughness needed to resist shock forces.

Product Category: LAND BASED PLATFORMS, Armored Vehicles, Light Armored Vehicles, Special Vehicles, Transport Vehicles ( Equipment Carrier & Tanker), Trailers, Vehicle Protection Equipment


Czech Republic

Sun Drive Exhibitions company has had many years of experience in the field of trade fairs and exhibitions.

In everything we do we put emphasis, primarily, on high quality, reliability and complexity of services. We strive for innovative, unconventional approach connected with the endeavour to meet the ideas and needs of the customer. We try to be creative and to keep improving all the time to be able to be competitive.

Thanks to our accommodating personal approach and professional processing of all the agenda related to trade fair presentation we keep winning favour with many clients who repose confidence in us and who perceive us as partners. We return it by providing them with regular care, being constantly in touch with them and we try to be helpful when necessary.

Product Category: RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN CONSULTANCY/ TRAINING / SERVICES, Construction Services, Project Management Services, OTHERS, Exhibitions



ARS Sejahtera Sdn. Bhd. ( 241062-W ) is a wholly owned bumiputra private company. We are located in Selangor, Malaysia. Founded in 25 th May 1992, ARS Sejahtera Sdn Bhd has grown tremendously over the years, both in its product quality as well as in its knowledge and expertise on emerging technologies. ARS Sejahtera Sdn Bhd prides itself on its ability on diversify – never contented with previous achievement, ARS Sejahtera Sdn Bhd constantly strives to be better in winning customer’s satisfaction and exceeding customer’s expectation.




Codan Communications is a leading international designer and manufacturer of premium communications solutions. With operations in the US, we deliver our capability worldwide for the military, defence, humanitarian, peacekeeping, commercial, security and public safety markets.

Product Category: COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Radio Equipment, Secured Communication Systems, Towers & Masts, Headphones, Audio Amplifiers, Microphones, Mobile Communications, Transmitter, Receivers, Transceivers, Antennas, Computers and Hardware, Applications and Software, Recording Systems & Equipment, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN CONSULTANCY/ TRAINING / SERVICES, Training School, Simulators, Advisory Services, Data Acquisition, Processing and Storage, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul Services, ELECTRONICS, SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT, Measuring Systems, Electronic Warfare, Electronic Equipment – Display, LAND BASED PLATFORMS, Command Post/Radio Vehicles, Special Vehicles, WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Explosives/ Weapons Search Equipment



TAIS Shipyards is a consortium company created by three leading Turkish private shipyards who have supplied most of the needs of the Turkish Navy in the last ten years. Our range covers all the needs of a NAVY from 231 m LHD to 15 m LCVP`s. s. TCG ANADOLU, the Turkish LHD, different fleet tankers and OPV/Cadet training ships, LCT’s, LCM’s are being built in our shipyards and in foreign shipyards by our teams and collaborators.

Product Category: SEA-BASED PLATFORMS, SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT, Amphibious Warfare Ship/ Landing Crafts, Coastguard/ Customs/ Police Vessel & Craft, Launch/ Small Craft, Ships/ Vessels, Warship, Frigates, Surface Combatant Craft

The Weststar Group


The Weststar Group of Companies started out humbly as a small entity and it has grown into the conglomerate it is today. Building on each of the individual company’s strengths, the Group is committed towards driving excellence through cutting-edge strategies, efficient and resourceful management, and sharp anticipation of its customers’ changing needs. This commitment has allowed the Group to always be ahead of its competitors. Although already well established, the Group still aims to develop, grow and establish the Weststar branding in the defence & engineering, aviation, automotive and construction industries in Malaysia and within the region, with a view to expand operations globally as a multinational group.