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SCYTALYS is a world class software developer and systems integrator for Tactical Data Links and Mission Systems, supporting the demanding multi-domain operations of contemporary Armed Forces. With almost 30 years in supplying complete Interoperability and Command and Control systems, SCYTALYS has a successful track record in more than 15 countries around the world.
SCYTALYS continuously develops innovative solutions for facilitating the real-time tactical information exchange and systems' interoperability in the battlefield. Its main product portfolio consists of the following solutions:

Data Links & Interoperability Solutions
 - Multi Tactical Data Link Processor Engine/Gateway - ULS
 - Advanced Tactical Data Link Planning System - ALPS

Mission & Tactical C2 Systems
 - Mission System supporting MS, ASuW and ASW missions for Maritime Patrol Aircrafts - MIMS Airborne
 - Mission System for Special Operation Crafts (SOC), Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) - MIMS Naval
 - Battlefield Situational Awareness System designed to meet the needs of dismounted soldiers and Special Operations Forces - MIMS Ranger
 - Tactical C2 System suitable for HQ deployments of Naval, Airborne and Land forces - MIMS C2

Product Category: AIRBORNE PLATFORMS, AIRBORNE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM & EQUIPMENT, Airborne Systems, Reconnaissance & Search Aircraft, COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Data Links, Tactical Communication System, Applications and Software, Network Centric System / C4ISR, Combat Management System



Established in 1947 in India, we are headquartered in Mumbai with an ultra modern factory located in Sarigam in the state of Gujarat. Our company is a major producer of cold rolled strips in a wide range of copper and brass. We are one of the leading producer of brass cups – case cups and bullet jacket cups in various calibers- 9 mm, 10 mm, 0.223, 5.56 mm, 0.338, 44 mag, 7.62 mm, 12.7 mm (0.50 cal), 20 mm and other calibers as per the requirements of customers which are supplied to small arm ammunition companies world wide. We are an ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and ITAF 16949 certified company.

Product Category: WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Ammunition, Explosive, Propellants, Pyrotechnics


United States

N-Vision Optics is a United States based manufacturer of night vision and thermal imaging products and accessories serving military, government agency, and commercial customers worldwide. N-Vision Optics employs a team of talented industry professionals specializing in electro-optical design, engineering, export compliance, and tactical implementation. Building on 18 years of industry experience, N-Vision Optics continues to grow and develop industry leading night vision and thermal imaging equipment to serve their customer's needs around the globe.

Product Category: OPTICS & OPTRONICS (EQUIPMENT & FITTINGS, IMAGE PROCESSING, SIGHTING EQUIPMENT), Electro-Optics, Night Vision Systems & Equipment



The Slovak Ministry of Defence (SVK MOD) is a central state administrative body of the Slovak Republic in the field of defence.

The MOD guarantees:
- to deliver the defence of the Slovak Republic,
- to build and exercise command and control over the Slovak Armed Forces,
- to co-ordinate the activities of central state administrative bodies and institutions, aimed at preparing the defence of the Slovak Republic,
- to ensure the inviolability of Slovak airspace,
- to co-ordinate military and civil air traffic,
- to run Military Intelligence,
- to manage military facilities and military forests.

The MOD is committed to:
- co-ordinating preparation efforts to deliver the country's defences according to the Defence System Concept as set out by the National Defence Council,
- using allocated finances in accordance with the intentions of the state budget,
- implementing measures in preparation of Homeland Defence within the scope of its competence and deploying the Slovak Armed Forces whenever required.

Product Category: OTHERS, National Organisations



MAXVEC specializes in smart technology, detection, decontamination and firefighting products. We are the principal manufacturer for: •MAXFIRE – Smart Fire Detection System•MAXCBRN – CBRN Detection System for critical infrastructures & public buildings•MAXSECURE – Smart Security with database and smart analyticsCRISTANINI is the reference point in defense and civil protection, in the field of CBRN decontamination and detoxification for military equipment, personnel, infrastructure, and terrain, serving a worldwide client base.

Product Category: BATTLEFIELD HEALTHCARE, ICT Applications in Battlefield, Medical Technology Related to CBRNE, COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Secured Electronic Systems, Computers and Hardware, Applications and Software, Data Processing and Protection, Surveillance and Access Control, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN CONSULTANCY/ TRAINING / SERVICES, TRAINING, Training School, ELECTRONICS, SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT, Computing & Artificial Intelligence, Detectors, Detection, Monitoring & Surveillance Equipment for Use in Cases of Severe Weather, Earthquake, NBC, SPECIAL EQUIPMENT & MISCELLANEOUS, SURVIVAL & RESCUE EQUIPMENT, Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Equipment - Ground, SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT, Access Control Systems, Drug Detection Products, LAND BASED PLATFORMS, Reconnaissance Vehicles , CBRNE EQUIPMENT, Decontaminations Systems, Detection & Monitoring Systems, Radiation & Contamination Measuring Equipment, WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Bomb Detection and Disposal Equipment



Two centuries of innovation, transformation and delivering results has made KONGSBERG a recognized global technology leader and a leading supplier within defence, surveillance, space, aerostructures and MRO. We take pride in developing advanced solutions and products of strategic importance, for markets around the world.

Product Category: AIRBORNE PLATFORMS, AIRBORNE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM & EQUIPMENT, Air Traffic Control System, COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Tactical Communication System, SEA-BASED PLATFORMS, SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT, Ships/ Vessels, Submarines/ Submersibles, WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Guided Weapon Control & Equipment, Guns & Turrets, Missiles


United States

Find the industry’s most innovative partners, products and services in the USA Partnership Pavilion — America’s on-site headquarters at DSA — organized by Kallman Worldwide, Inc. It’s an efficient destination for buyers to meet more U.S. suppliers, a business hub for U.S. exhibitors to maximize their exposure and time at the show and a forum for all to share ideas and insights.Products & Services: Creative Services, Exhibition Management, Exhibitor Services

Product Category: OTHERS, Exhibitions, Others (please specify)



J. Arthur M Sdn Bhd opened its door in 2003 and stepped into the South East Asia market with the aspire of customer satisfaction. Recognizing the need of growing international market of military products J. Arthur M Sdn Bhd extended its best endeavors to bring most innovative military products.

Product Category: UNIFORMS, PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND BODY ACCESORIES, Badges - Collar Badges - Decorations, Berets . Caps . Civil and Minitry Headgear, Footwears, Shirts, Underwear, Uniforms and Dress Uniforms, Containers, Bag, Pouches, Cases, Belts, Equipment Straps, Harness, Safety Straps, Cartridge Pouches

NITECORE Flashlight


With the industry-leading innovative power for 14 years, NITECORE is the first brand to achieve a grand-slam milestone in the industries of professional lighting and chargers to receive the German iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, the Japanese G-Mark (Good Design) and the American IDEA, We specialize in product lines varying from tactical flashlights to outdoor lighting equipment and power solutions specially designed for law enforcement and military departments, industrial corporations and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Product Category: UNIFORMS, PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND BODY ACCESORIES, Containers, Bag, Pouches, Cases, SPECIAL EQUIPMENT & MISCELLANEOUS, Lighting, Signage-Light Signs-Markers, Personal Survival Equipment



FAIR MANAGEMENT LTD is a general contractor in trade fair marketing. Temporary buildings and project management worldwide. A benefit that our customers appreciate.

Product Category: OTHERS, Exhibitions



We serve those who risk their lives to protect ours. Allied Armed Forces and authorities rely on us to ensure their superiority and readiness across air, land and sea.

Product Category: PROPULSION SYSTEM, Aircraft Propulsion, Airship/ Dirigible Propulsions, Armored Vehicles Propulsions, Electrical Propulsion for Warships, Generating Sets Propulsion, Propulsions, Missiles & Rockets, Helicopter Propulsion, Launch/ Small Craft Propulsion, Ship Propulsion Engineering, Submarines/ Submersible Propulsion, Torpedo Propulsion System, Weapon Propulsion, WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Ammunition, Explosive, Propellants, Pyrotechnics, Anti-Armor Weapon Systems, Anti-Tank Ammunition, Bombs, Depth Charges, Guided Weapon Control & Equipment, Guided Weapons, Missiles, Ordnance, Pyrotechnics Decoys


United States

Need RIOT GEAR? Visit the famous EDI-USA in booth 4001A in the US Pavilion. Try on our new RIOT SUITS, RIOT HELMETS, and RIOT SHIELDS to see what is right for your work!

Product Category: UNIFORMS, PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND BODY ACCESORIES, Berets . Caps . Civil and Minitry Headgear, Bullet Proof, Shrapnel-Proof and Protection Against Shock Clothing, Footwears, Protective Clothing (Against Fire, Low Temperature, Water), Shirts, Underwear, Uniforms and Dress Uniforms, Body Protection, Personal Ballistics (Body Armor & Helmets), WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Anti-Riot & Crowd Control Weapons & Equipment